Basketball Stats Explained

Basketball is a complex sport. Whether you’re a parent looking to catch up on all of the terms or a seasoned high school player, there’s a good chance you don’t know every single relevant statistic. 

If that’s the case, look no further! Welcome to your one-stop shop for basketball statistics that appear on stat sheets and what they mean:

Offensive Stats:

2P% – the percentage of 2-point field goals (shots within the three-point arc) made

2PA – the total number of 2-point shot attempts

3P% – the percentage of 3-point field goals made

3PA – the total number of 3-point shot attempts

FG – the total number of field goals made. Combining 2P and 3P

FGA – the total number of field goals attempted

FG% – the percentage of 3-point shots made 

EFG% – Effective Field Goal percentage. This gives more credit to made 3-point field goals due to the fact that they count for 1.5 times the score of a 2-point field goal

FT – the total number of free throws made

FTA – the total number of free throw attempts

FT% – the percentage of free throws made

Pts – the total number of points scored. Combining 2P, 3P, and FT

Paint Pt – the total number of points scored in the paint (free throw lane)

Ast – the total number of assists (passes to set up a made basket)

OReb – the total number of offensive rebounds

Bench Pt – the total number of points scored by non-starters

Pt/Posses – the average number of points scored per offensive possession

OReb% – the percentage of offensive rebounds a team is able to secure

Defensive Stats:

Stl – the total number of steals

Blk – the total number of blocks

Chrg – the total number of times a defensive team or individual player draws a charge

Recov – the accumulation steals, blocks and charges taken by a team or individual player

Foul – the total number of personal or team fouls

DReb – the total number of defensive rebounds

DReb% – the percentage of defensive rebounds a team is able to secure

Miscellaneous Stats:

TO – the total number of turnovers committed by a team or individual player

Dflc – the total number of deflections by a team or individual player

Min – the total number of minutes played in a game or season

+/- – the point differential a player accumulates while they are in the game. Determined by how many points their team scores and allows during their time on the floor

Effic – the measure of a player’s efficiency. The formula used to determine it: Pts + Rebs + Ast + Stl + Blk – (TO + FG Misses + FT Misses)

T – technical foul. Two technical fouls in one game result in an ejection