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SportsVisio uses the power of a proprietary AI to capture statistics from real-time game footage. It’s a whole new way to track your game.

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SportsVisio’s revolutionary new AI can automatically understand and track a wide variety of basketball statistics instantly. Simply use your phone to record the game, our AI does the rest.

Bring pro-level clarity to your league, add another dimension to practice games, or take recruiting into your own hands with SportsVisio. See your game like never before.

See Your Game Like Never Before


Real-time stats, videos, and analytics


Generate valuable statistics that give deep insight into performance


Motivate with easy to find highlight clips


Capture and share highlights to show your game to others


Easily identify strengths and weaknesses to analyze your game

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In the competitive world of youth basketball and college recruiting, accurate stats can be the difference between riding the bench and a life-changing scholarship. In the past, capturing statistics in real-time was an overwhelming task requiring dedicated stat trackers watching each and every play of a game to record and verify. Accurate game statistics have historically been a major burden for amateur and youth sports leagues that want to capture accurate data about their players.

Not any more.
With the SportsVisio app, you can turn your phone into a professional stat tracking operation that rivals the pros. Simply set up two smartphones at half court with a clear view of the court and be amazed.SportsVisio captures accurate statistics, generates and archives highlights for later viewing, and allows your friends, family, and followers to see it all.

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SportsVisio’s built-in broadcast capabilities let you live stream games over the AWS cloud. Make sure your family or friends never miss a game, and give recruiters access to performances in real-time. Plus, stats will update real-time, giving viewers a rich, interactive game experience.

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