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Using your recorded game footage, SportsVisio’s exclusive AI technology delivers highly accurate stat tracking and player highlight reels — all through our secure, easy-to-use app.

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Our AI intelligently tracks ball and player movements to instantly track categorize statistics. Simply use your phone or camera to record the game, upload the footage and our AI does the rest.

Bring pro-level clarity to your team, get automatic custom highlights for each player, create another dimension to your season or league. 


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Generate valuable statistics that give deep insight into performance


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In the competitive world of youth basketball and college recruiting, accurate stats and building great highlight reels can be the difference in getting a life-changing scholarship or not.

In the past, capturing statistics was an overwhelming task requiring dedicated stat trackers watching each and every play of a game to record and verify. Accurate game statistics have historically been a major burden for amateur and youth sports leagues that want to capture accurate data about their players, but not anymore.

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  • Record and upload game footage
  • Our AI analyzes your game
  • See results in the SV Hoops app to track player and team stats
  • Highlights are created and automatic reels are made
  • Easily download or share them on social media



Marcus Tilghman

League Founder. Gulf Coast Lions

Love SportsVisio. So great for my players to see their replays. We are rolling it out to our whole league!


James Christie

Owner/GM. Elite Sports Academy

Working with the SportsVisio team is great. They are so helpful and there when you need them.

Busche Boys Basketball

Isiah Anderson

Director Basketball. Busche Academy

I love the app. Posting to social accounts is so easy!