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SportsVisio was founded by experienced business and computer science professionals - who also just so happened to be parents of budding athletes. After spending years traveling the country for youth sports and seeing the logistical challenges posed by stat tracking, they realized there had to be a better way.

Using their combined backgrounds in engineering, AI, and computer vision, the SportsVisio team uses the latest advances in AI and object recognition to craft a unique vision for the future of athletics. As a sports technology analytics service with plans to grow beyond basketball into the world’s most popular sports, the Sports Visio team is dedicated to revolutionizing the way the world sees the game.


Jason Syversen

Founder and CEO Jason Syversen has grown and sold multiple multi-million dollar companies. After earning a BS in computer engineering and an MS in electrical engineering, Jason became a project manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). He then went on to found, and later sell, Siege Technologies. Prior to founding SportsVisio, he was GP at 10x Ventures.


Dan Oblinger

Began his research career with a PhD in Machine Learning, working at IBM Research, and teaching at Columbia University. During that time authored many first tier publications and 25+ patents.

Joined DARPA and funded over $200M in R&D focusing on Machine Learning as applied to Vision and Natural Language Processing. 

After DARPA moved to silicon valley where he has founded and exited three companies, including an AI clean tech company and a robotics company that required building out a 40+ person Ph.D. team.


Sam Corbitt

As CEO at Siege Technologies, Sam Corbitt developed a deep working relationship with SportsVisio CEO Jason Syversen. Using his BS in Finance Entrepreneurship and Master’s in Business, Sam has helped multiple startups, and some of the world’s largest companies, reach new heights.


Mike Seibert

Building upon his dual Master’s/PhD in computer engineering, Mike Seibert serves as SportsVisio’s Computer Vision Lead, creating the groundbreaking algorithms and frameworks that enable SportsVisio AI. Before joining Sports Visio, Mike led the 120-person AI department at BAE Systems, and has worked with both the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the U.S. Air Force Academy.


Brian French

Bringing with him 20 years of experience in building teams around advanced software and AI technologies, Brian French heads up SportsVisio’s Software Engineering team. His first role was working with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Advanced Technology Thrust where he developed AI algorithms. Since then, he has worked for, and founded several software startups. Brian holds BS & MS in Computer Engineering, including an MBA.

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