How It Works


Record the Full Game

  • Capture the entire game without stopping for halftime or breaks
  • Ensure continuous recording to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Optimal Recording Setup

  • Record at a .7 zoom view if close to the court or position the camera far enough to see the full half court on each side.
  • Minimize movement; point the camera at the half where the play is happening and adjust quickly as play switches.

Quality Matters

  • Record in HD quality for optimal results; 4K files are too large, and live streams may not meet the AI's quality standards.

Get All the Action

  • Ensure the camera captures all the action - the AI needs a clear view of the ball and players to understand the game dynamics.

Use Your Smartphone

  • Use your standard smartphone for recording.
  • Upload the recorded game to our secure Dropbox account or through the web app on your SportsVisio account using the provided link.

FAQs about SV Hoops

Do all players get stats?

Yes, every player on the court receives detailed statistics

Do all players receive their stats as highlights?*

Absolutely, each player gets personalized video highlights based on their performance.

Is the app free to use?

Yes, SV Hoops is completely free to use.

Who pays for the subscription?

The person who uploads the game and has an SV Hoops subscription is responsible for payment. Game credits average $25 per game, depending on the subscription level.

Can players update their profiles?

Yes, each player can claim their profile in the app and update their name and picture

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Why SV Hoops?

  • Cutting-edge AI technology for unparalleled video analysis.
  • Detailed team and player stats breakdown for strategic insights.
  • Automatic video highlights for memorable moments.

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SV Hoops

Customer testimonials


"(SV Hoops) really helps players who might not be full scholarship athletes get noticed by collage coaches, without the painstaking time of editing hundreds of clips."

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Andrew Lufkin

College Basketball Player (WPI, DIII)


"I love the SportsVisio app...
it makes posting (my player's highlights) to social media so easy!"



Busche Academy

Coach Isiah Anderson

Director of Basketball at Busche Academy


"SportsVisio is developing a next generation product and tapping into the future of how amateur and collegiate athletics are utilizing content to better their game."


Doug Higgins

Co-Founder of Sapphire Sport (Investor in Tonal, Fitbit, Overtime)

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