Jason Syversen on The Local Maximum podcast with Max Sklar

Jason Syversen appeared on The Local Maximum podcast with Max Sklar, on January 5, 2023. The Local Maximum is about examining machine learning, engineering, and social trends regarding expanding perspectives technologically. Max asks Jason to discuss the details of the market research that went into creating SportsVisio. They go into Jason’s motivation behind creating SportsVisio and how the affordability aspect is a key player in making them preferred over more expensive competitors.

They also discuss the setup of filming games and how the SV Hoops app calculates stats and which stats they focus on. Jason and Max go on to talk about the goal of having the stats available in real-time and how that can be made possible on the technology side. Jason discusses more deeply the technology behind how the AI works with images to calculate stats and highlight clips.

Listen to the full conversation here!